SuSport: Strategies for more sustainable chemistry in the textile industry by 2030

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Shared July 4, 2018

The video shows results from the research project Market opportunities for „More Sustainable Chemistry“ through the REACH Regulation (Sustainable Sporting Goods - SuSport). The project aimed to support "more sustainable chemistry" in the textile supply chain, by shifting the focus from the reactive compliance position to a more proactive "beyond compliance" perspective. Strategically, this approach is based on the following consideration: If you want to be "Compliant" tomorrow, you must already be "Beyond Compliance" today. Not only does such a strategy ensure legal compliance, it can also create market opportunities. Together with actors from the textile supply chain, the project developed scenarios for the textile industry in 2030 as well as strategies and concrete steps to pave the way to the proactive "boldly ahead" scenario.
A project by Society for Institutional Analysis – sofia, at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, funded between 2015 and 2018 by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU)