The REAL NINO BROWN - $40 million in cash

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Shared July 27, 2018

pt. 2 :
Frank Matthews- The KINGPIN who got away!!
"White Powder, Black Power"
"Cold War Heroin Heat"
"Acid Dreams"
"Rollin: the Fall of the Auto Industry and the Rise of the Drug Economy in Detroit"
"Killing Jimmy Hoffa"
"T Stuckey Story"
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Billy Joe (BJ Chambers) was one of America's first major "crack kingpins" sentenced and convicted under harsh new sentencing laws. Originally he received 45 years, but his own legal work in prison reduced that term to 27 years. He will be the focus of episode 5 of American Dope "New Crack City" coming this fall.

Please watch: "Original Black Mafia Chronicles part 1 - Motown Mafia"