Breath of the Wild: TEN Mini Theories in ONE Video!

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Shared April 14, 2019

In today's episode, we look at 10 different Breath of the Wild theories! Let me know which one is your favorite, as well as some I may have missed in this video.

Theory Timestamps
0:56 --- Purah in the Champion's Ballad
2:14 --- The King's Grave
3:35 --- Great Plateau is Castle Town
4:15 --- Gorons in Gerudo Town
6:12 --- The Fortune Teller was a Yiga Spy
7:09 --- Iwata Tribute in Breath of the Wild
8:35 --- The Kakariko Ghost
9:48 --- There are More Sheikah Slates
11:25 - Link Lived in Hateno
13:31 - Why the Plateau was Raise

Great Plateau is Castle Town - Zeltik

The Lost Prince - Macintyre

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