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Shared July 16, 2019

Here's an actor who's in many of your favorite films of all time, but just who exactly is he?Subscribe to our channel:

Doug Jones is a highly respected and acclaimed actor who has appeared in over 150 acting jobs to his name to this day. However, chances are you never realized who Doug Jones was unless you’re a hardcore cinephile. That’s because many of Jones’ roles require him to be covered in extensive makeup and costumes that hide his natural visage. Jones is the man behind such iconic characters as the Lead Gentleman in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s best episode, “Hush”, the monster in The Shape of Water, Saru in Star Trek Discovery and Abe in Hellboy, the latter of which took seven hours in makeup everyday just to bring the character to life. Jones got his start not by acting, but as a mime for his University’s mascot.

From there, his love of contortionist work led him to do TV commercials for a few years before getting his big break as a minor character in Batman Returns. From there, he landed the role of Billy in Hocus Pocus and his career only continued to grow from there. He’s a frequent collaborator of Guillermo del Toro, from Mimic to Hellboy and the Shape of Water. But his most famous roles are arguably that of the Faun and the Pale Man in del Toro’s acclaimed film, Pan’s Labyrinth. Jones believes that despite the ease of CGI and motion capture, there is something very human and authentic when it comes to bringing a non-human character to life practically and adamantly believes that audiences want to see that more in the end too over creatures made in VFX. He may be onto something there.

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