Microwave Guns And 8 Best DOOM Eternal Changes | Doom Eternal E3 Demo Impressions

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Shared June 9, 2019

Looking for Doom Eternal E3 fun? We’ve played the new demo, fighting Arachnotrons with Microwave Guns in the very core of Mars itself. This new Doom Eternal gameplay shows off new weapons, enemies and locations, as we pick out the best Doom Eternal changes since Doom 2016. Enjoy!

For many looking at E3 2019 Doom Eternal is the game to beat - a classic bit of sequel craft that take everything you loved about the original (well, the 2016 original) and ramps it up. There big Doom Eternal changes - like a quest that takes you from crumbling planets to burning hellscapes in a single mission, and gore-filled body destruction - to smaller features, such as tweaked weapon mods and upgrade systems. It adds up to a good time. And those are just some of our Doom Eternal E3 Demo impressions. And it releases on 22 November, so only a few agonising months to wait.

I should point out - this isn’t a Doom Eternal review. We’ve only played the one level and it’s a work in progress - but we will have a proper Doom Eternal PC review as soon as the game is ready to come out of the oven. Currently the E3 Doom demo is the one to beat - we can’t get enough of the new Doom Eternal weapons (the flamethrower and Ballista are both delightful) and it’s awesome to see Doom Eternal enemies return to Doom 2 for inspiration. We made this video just before Bethesda E3 2019 conference, so will add any missing info to the comments below. I really hope they don’t announce they are removing the super shotgun between now and then. That would suck.

For more on Doom Eternal E3 you can keep an eye on Rock Paper Shotgun: The Site. I hope this Doom Eternal preview video takes you beyond the simple Doom Eternal trailers you’ve seen at E3 2019. It would have been nice to take our own Doom Eternal gameplay - we wouldn’t have flinched from the Microwave beam - but this will do for now. Hey, at least you get to see a little bit of the Doom Eternal Cyberdemon - he’s look much better compared to his 2016 version.

I hope you enjoy this video of Doom Eternal impressions. If you watch it and have any questions about what we played of Doom Eternal, pop them in the comments. If you want to know more about Doom Eternal changes or features, just ask away. And now I’m going to bed, because it is 3am in the morning in the UK and I am tired. I mean, like E3 conferences and talking about Doom (specifically E3 Doom) as much as the next guy, but sometimes you just gotta go to bed. Thanks for watching.

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