100 vs. TSM | Third Place Game 2 | NA LCS Summer Playoffs | 100 Thieves vs. TSM (2018)

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Shared September 8, 2018

VOD of 100 Thieves vs. TSM (Game 2)
NA LCS Summer Playoff Third Place 2018 #NALCS

100 Thieves Lineup:
Ssumday - Top Shen
AnDa - Jungle Trundle
Ryu - Mid Ryze
Cody Sun - Bot Tristana
Aphromoo - Support Alistar

TSM Lineup:
Hauntzer - Top Sion
Grig - Jungle Gragas
Bjergsen - Mid Vel'Koz
Zven - Bot Kai'Sa
Mithy - Support Braum

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