Siberian Villagers Make An Amazing And Unexpected Find

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Shared March 28, 2019

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Siberian Villagers Make An Amazing And Unexpected Find.
The Village of Malougrenyevo in Altai region in Western Siberia is a quiet and lonely place.
Locals themselves say not much really happens there. People go about their day to lives and it's isolated and cold and its located just of the bank of the Koksa river.
Now in mid-2014 something of note did happen there, Heavy rains caused excessive floods broke the rivers banks, and people were forced to flee their homes.
It caused damage to property destroyed crops, flooded roads and land and people were left stranded, but thankfully no one was harmed.
When the floods subsided and the water levels dropped the villagers returned to review the damage and to start working on repairs but a few them whilst inspecting the area came across a very odd and mysterious object,
something bizarre had floated down the river and washed up on the bank by their village, and no one had any clue as to what it was.
They had unexpectedly discovered someone very strange.


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