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Shared January 9, 2019

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OK back in a mess like usual
Im blacked out passed out so
suitable and I wake up so delusional
fooling myself into thinking I’m
back on my feet gotta think clear

kinda hard to do that when
I’m overwhelmed in fear
keep my nerves gripped tight
when I fight back but it bites back
no fuck it

now I got a plan to
sell my soul I got a bone to pick
im fucked up back up when I talk my shit
can’t sleep can’t eat and I’m walking in
a different dimension please Intermission
first light better sit tight cause the rides high
and you know I don’t like that shit
but it keeps happening get to the top the cables
snap I’m begging

nothing ever makes sense

tell me that it’s all inside my head but this
manifest into a different presence that exists
greater than I could imagine higher than the wit
that I carry every day
wash me away

and I run and I run
till the sun comes up
and I sway and I sway till the branch gives way
and I run and I run till I’m out of all my luck
I’m stuck I’m stuck but I won’t give up