German man, Sean Binder, accused of human trafficking by Greek authorities

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Shared January 10, 2019

Sean Binder, the German national accused of people trafficking by Greek authorities spoke to Claire Byrne on RTÉ.

According to Zerohedge he is one of many accused of abetting the illegal entry into Greece of 70,000 immigrants since 2015, providing the "nonprofit" ERCI (Emergency Response Centre International) with half a billion euros per year.

Zerohedge said ECRI evidently received 2,000 euros from each illegal immigrant it helped to enter Greece. In addition, its members created a business for "integrating refugees" into Greek society, granting it 5,000 euros per immigrant per year from various government programs (in education, housing and nutrition).

Among the activities uncovered by Greek authorities were forgery, espionage and the illegal monitoring of both the Greek coastguard and the EU border agency, Frontex, for the purpose of gleaning confidential information about Turkish refugee flows.

Claire Byrne didn't mention much of this in her interview with him on her show on RTÉ.

Late last year, Lauren Southern exposed an NGO teaching migrants how to lie to authorities in Greece in order to be granted refugee status.

Binder's father, Van Khon, was a Vietnamese refugee who fled to Germany.

His mother, Fanny Binder, claimed that she has tried to get help from the Department of Foreign Affairs but has been told that Sean isn't technically an Irish citizen. She spoke to 96fm in September last year

Sean was born in Germany but has lived in Ireland since the age of five.

Last year he lost appeal against being detained in Greece.

Broadcast: RTÉ Claire Byrne Live | 07 Jan 2018