UH OH! Tortious Interference with Contract COULD Apply in Vic Mignogna's Case: Here's How!

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Rekieta Law

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Shared March 15, 2019

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Tonight we're going to do a deeper dive on Tortious Interference with Contract in Texas, how it might manifest in Vic's case, what it means for the people involved, how a lawyer might use this information in court and out of court.

We're going to talk about conventions, about the raw deal they've been given, and what we can do to help.

After that, WHO KNOWS?!

Grab some whiskey and join me!

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Corvin Bass

It's always hilarious to see Nick say "UH OH" when he knows these people messed up.

6 months ago | [YT] | 145

Mo Bo

Timestamps :)
0:42 salutations
1:47 announcement of moment of silence in memoriam of NZ mass shooting
2:52 demonized ideology tangent
3:41 moment of silence
3:49 end of the moment
5:03 today's topic Vic Mignogna tortuous interference
5:53 hypothetical involvement of people and parties - DISCLAIMERS
6:13 Last video for some time on this topic
7:03 Chad dad stream tomorrow
7:44 housekeeping done
8:03 7 superchats read together
10:03 Coach RedPill tangent
12:11 superchats
14:48 You're so Shane
15:55 Shane pop-up
16:04 Shane unmuted
16:57 Let's talk about tortuous interference with the contract!
17:26 definition of a contract
18:12 this is a contract
18:18 paper is pointless and useless
20:53 Some of the VAs had knowledge of Vic's contracts with Roosterteeth and Funimation
21:55 What with conventions?
22:05 now we might know
22:13 Is there a contract? Does someone know?
22:24 presume we know of 1
24:09 I found a gold mine
24:23 Meyer vs Waid example
25:44 this puppy-soy shape marshmallow
27:02 knowledge of the contract
27:39 I found one
28:00 Summary of 2 elements regarding Vic's case
29:16 superchats
29:50 we've shifted the narrative already
30:45 let conventions know to get Vic back
32:37 Gravy on top of the cake
33:03 superchats
42:33 Shane stream shirt and mug idea
44:12 Nick's nose story
45:06 recap
45:21 intent to interfere with a contract
45:56 Meyer vs Waid example
48:10 Anime News Network (residential address in Quebec?)
48:43 insulting French accent
49:07 Vic vs ANN
49:13 MarzGurl
50:37 io9, Ron Soye
51:10 SJWs collision with reality Nick's gloating
52:32 How do we know one has interfered with the contract?
53:16 What you can't do
55:06 Let's say...
56:15 contract has to be breached
57:37 Texas is different
58:20 How does it work in Texas
1:00:08 summary
1:00:25 damages mentioned
1:00:28 defense?
1:01:28 privileged communication
1:03:00 malice
1:03:36 Let's suggest...
1:05:12 superchats
1:11:53 ignore VAs rant
1:14:41 superchats
1:16:44 How does tortuous interference affect parties involved?
1:18:08 What happens to the convention who breaks contract with Vic?
1:21:30 The interferor
1:22:01 How the lawyers pursue this?
1:22:38 Leverage in law
1:26:09 Will they do it?
1:26:55 superchats
1:28:37 blackface lawyer - free speech or slander
1:29:26 superchats
1:33:10 other options than lawsuit
1:35:33 If there was interfering party... rant
1:37:52 I know who you are - pause in ranting
1:37:53 rant on back about scamming behavior of hypothetical interfering party
1:39:38 2 lawsuits - 1 lawsuit - no lawsuit
1:40:47 If I get permission, I will tell everything about it
1:41:27 superchats
1:43:04 Let me tell you about Ron Soye rant
1:46:16 superchats
1:48:52 How to prove con was pressured to kick Vic out?
1:49:30 Let me humbly suggest...
1:49:50 superchats
1:52:28 How important is Vic's case?
1:54:26 superchats
1:59:39 I'm not drunk yet
1:59:48 cons and fans
2:00:05 My very true story with names and parties redacted
2:01:35 perspective on conventions
2:05:10 fans matter the most
2:07:44 it is about the audience
2:08:40 superchats
2:10:46 back to Shane
2:11:15 Donald Trump level information
2:11:47 superchats
2:15:29 RIP Grandma
2:15:50 superchats
2:21:17 serving papers
2:23:20 You loose on TCPA claim Michael Avenatti
2:23:44 what the process is
2:24:55 It's not if any more, it's when.
2:27:10 have sense and contact lawyer rant
2:28:26 superchats
2:28:45 how can you serve letters rant
2:31:35 superchats
2:32:43 closing thoughts
Enjoy =)

6 months ago | [YT] | 103

awais anwar

Nick, I wanted to ask you about your thoughts on the fact, that Shane recently admit he's been tossing SECURITY reports from conventions in the past. That is literally not OK.

Edit: meant to say security reports not police reports. Not that it makes it any better. Still disgusting and makes it an unsafe environment for all con goers.

6 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 98


As for someone who works at Dairy Queen, I never seen a employee throw blizzards at anyone, lol. Speaking of, just last year we fired a employee who kept on 'touchy feely' the female employees. And even after the manager told him to stop, he wouldn't. So, he got fired. I discussed this with a few people at the time that if there was any problem, we have cameras all over the store and even a camera for outside. There is plenty of evidence of the employee doing this and there are footage of other employees showing discomfort.

If a regular restaurant has these cameras that has actual evidence, then why can't any of Vic's accusers have any video evidence of this happening to them when some say it has happened in public/conventions? Apparently there is 'at least 30 victims'. This is why #Istandwithvic

6 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 69

gizzy g

Nick your insults are the greatest thing. You are a like an edgy Ned Flanders

6 months ago | [YT] | 58


Youtube autoplays
Starts with black screen and silence
Must be Rekieta

6 months ago | [YT] | 41

Amber Valkerie

Yep, all evidence seem to point that Twitter is a trash place and I am glad I never made an account on Twitter.

6 months ago | [YT] | 37


When this all gets very real for them they will be sweating worse than the guest of honor at a cannibal barbecue.

6 months ago | [YT] | 16


Usually quiet on Youtube or any social media, but will say my piece.

Nick your content is awesome, keep up the good work. Same with Umbrella, Yellow Flash and Hero Hei.

So I'm on the fence about all this, but lean more towards Vic being innocent. My view is that Vic is currently winning. Should Vic win it will mean that an innocent man isn't convicted, that it will show that fans wont stand people making baseless accusations and trying get away with it, and that a judicial proceeding was held.

My issue with the KickVic side is that they are so hypocritical and lashing out at anyone not on their side, can only think with their feelings and not subjectivity, they are damaging the credibility of actual victims after this case (people will more likely chalk it up as a false accusation), and they didn't follow correct legal procedures or even solve it internally and privately. Instead they put it on social media just to have him lynched by their followers.

Side note, how Soy Boy said Nick is the leader of those that don't agree with them and that there will be violence if Vic isn't innocent, is just insulting. We are individuals that don't get caught up in a mob mentality, we can think perfectly fine by ourselves.

May you find strength and courage from Thor in your darkest hours.
May you find wisdom from Odin in times of confusion.
May Loki give you laughter as you go.
May you have the compassion of Baldr and the just actions of Tyr.

6 months ago | [YT] | 24

Probably Not my name

I watched some of the cpr stream, thought he was a loon and stopped watching, because as an adult i can do that (hint to the loony left, this is how adults deal with opinions they dont like). Im not going to hunt the man down and burn his life to the ground because he and i vehemently disagree on a wide slew of topics.

6 months ago | [YT] | 50


"Get out of my house or I'll call the cops."
"That's extortion!"

6 months ago | [YT] | 3


Someone in the chat was asking about whether or not Yuri Lowenthal is part of the Kick Vic movement. As far as I can tell from the scroll I made through his Twitter feed, he's been doing the smart thing like Matt Mercer and staying completely out of it.

6 months ago | [YT] | 8

Coyote briggs

Nick says "They never saw it coming " Persona 5 OST plays

6 months ago | [YT] | 21


It sounds like someone or a group tried to monopolize the conventions from Vic... very suspicious.
sips coffee

6 months ago | [YT] | 11


I still can't believe I get my entertainment from a lawyer - and I love every second keep kicking ass and taking names Nick great leader of the lawmight cult

6 months ago | [YT] | 4


Of course we are winning, we have Nick and he is our new World's Symbol of Peace and Justice! and oh Ty will be in touch of course. lol ;)

6 months ago | [YT] | 26

Patricia Bussell

When this is all over, we need an unbiased person to work on a History wiki about all this.

6 months ago | [YT] | 7

Deadly Raver

Man, I keep missing the live streams, but at least we get the replays.

6 months ago | [YT] | 9


I think Jamie and Ron are going to pull a hoax and blame Vic to say "Vic is putting us in danger" to use in defense in court.

Update:I'm sure this is a coincidence but the new Zealand terror attack was exactly what I was something I was talking about. It's not a far off idea.

6 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 19

Ninjabread Man

Greetings! As always, timestamps (and notes) are below:

0:14 – Start Transmission
0:26 – Hello, Nick!
1:26 – On a day to day basis, people are not their ideals!
3:34 – A Moment of Silence
4:00 – The Reality of The World
4:59 – Today’s Content
6:58 – Tomorrow: The Chad Dad Stream
7:55 – Pre-Stream Superchats (Concerning CRP and Branding)
12:21 – The Judas Priest Defense
14:31 – It is actually NOT Shane.
16:00 – A Preview of Tonight’s Content
16:53 – Tortious Interference with a Contract (What is a Contract? Limits and Types)
20:33 – Vic’s Colleague’s Knowledge of Contracts
22:15 – The Goldmine In Having A Contract (We Found One!)
24:17 – LORE RECAP: Meyer v Waid
27:36 – Actual Knowledge of an Agreement with Vic (#ListenAndBelieve)
29:18 – Superchats (True Support vs False Heat)
36:41 – Suing Firearms Manufacturers
40:09 – DEFINED: Probative Value and Prejudicial Impact
45:03 – Intent to Interfere with Contract (#NotAnAccident)
51:09 – Reality Meeting Twitter. Fake Lawsuits.
52:28 – How One Interferes With a Contract (Note: See 1999’s Knox v Taylor)
54:43 – Possible Ways to Interfere With Vic
57:42 – Interference Matters In Texas (DEFINED: Interference)
1:00:10 – Elements of Tortious Interference. Defenses.
1:01:30 – DEFINED: Privileged Communication
1:02:55 – What Constitutes Malice
1:05:13 – Superchats
1:07:47 – In Texas, Right to Work Doesn’t Matter
1:08:46 – Nick Won’t Justify The New Zealand Guy
1:11:42 – Attention and Adoration: How Vic is Different
1:16:43 – How Does Tortious Interference Affect the Parties Involved?
1:21:58 – How Lawyers Pursue, Prove, and Utilize: The Use of Leverage
1:26:56 – Superchats
1:28:03 - Tortious Interference with 401K (Family Court)
1:33:04 – Legal Options
1:35:25 – A Threatening Party (Self-Immolation)
1:39:37 – Remove Emotions, Display Wisdom: Lawsuits? No Lawsuits?
1:41:28 – Superchats
1:43:08 – Concerning Ron
1:49:08 – In Texas, Contributing is Enough
1:52:26 – The Actual Importance of Vic’s Case
1:54:40 – Alleging A Fact That’s False (Fact vs Opinion)
1:59:46 – Cons and Fans, Part 1: A Changed Perspective on Conventions
2:05:10 – Cons and Fans, Part 2: The Power of The Fans
2:08:43 – Proving Truth Under Oath?
2:13:10 – Why Attorneys Are Dismissed From Jury Pools
2:15:44 – DEFINED: Extortion
2:19:54 – A Message From Anime Matsuri
2:21:18 – Serving Papers (The Rekieta Method)
2:32:46 – UPCOMING: The Chad Dad Stream
2:34:45 – End Transmission 

I don't know if I will be around for The Chad Dad stream, but I hope this helps!

6 months ago | [YT] | 5


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