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Shared December 28, 2018

Today we watch and learn about the most recent main story updates to the mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Union Cross (previously Kingdom Hearts Unchained X), in preparation for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 in January.

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GAME: Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, Unchained X, Back Cover
AUTHOR: Disney and Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross and Unchained χ is set before the legendary Keyblade War, a conflict sparked over disputes between Keyblade wielders over the light that created the world, triggering a calamity that created the world of Kingdom Hearts as seen in the first game in the series. Prior to the war, an unnamed Keyblade Master bestows a book called the Book of Prophecies to five of his six apprentices before disappearing. The book has the ability to predict and even manifest objects and people from the future. The five apprentices learn of a prophecy foretelling the world's destruction. In order to prevent this, each of the apprentices uses the book to manifest powerful warriors from the future as the Fragments. Each eventually begins hoarding pieces of light, called Lux, from the monsters known as Heartless, and each creates their own "Union" themed around their individual animal icon: Ursus, Anguis, Unicornus, Leopardus, and Vulpeus. The player character, a newly awakened Keyblade wielder, chooses to support one of the Unions and works to ensure the chosen faction's supremacy.

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