2019 02 18 Children's Museum of ATL PART 2

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Ross Fam

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Shared September 24, 2019

2019-02-18 Children's Museum of ATL PART 2
iPlanets Academy 24 Hours Childcare Daycare Hybrid Homeschool Co-Op Weekend Overnight Tutoring Summer Children Shelter Foster Care

We are guided by these 5 "L's"
Love, Laughter, Learning, Life Skills and Limitless possibilities

iPlanets Academy strive to create strong bonds between our families, our students and educators and to have an ethnically, culturally, and economically diverse united community in its commitment to families involvement in our students learning, growth, development and help them to discover what they need to thrive. We offer a more harmonious, neighborly community and have the shared belief in the family school partnership and the idea that communities as well as families play a vital role in a child’s development and quality education. We recognize that our students families are the primary educators and because of this our families involvement is not only welcomed but we have each of our parents on a scheduled rotating basis helping in our classrooms, sharing their interests and talents and working along-side our students in the community.
At iPlanets Academy we inspire learning in a fun, nurturing, safe, stimulating hands-on micro-environment where each student is empowered to develop at his or her own pace.
At iPlanets Academy we use multiple and diverse developmentally appropriate child-directed and play-based curriculum's. Because play is how children develop concepts about themselves and the world around them. We measure up all activities against our D.I.C.E. requirements which stands for Discovery, Imagination, Creativity and Exploration.
Christian values such as sharing, giving, playing nicely, manners, developing great character & loving one another as well as those in their community. Daily schedules, meals and creative activities derived from our name iPlanets Academy which is an acronym for:

Intelligence (all 9)
Playground and Sports
Life Skills
Arts and Crafts
Nature, Science and Research
Engineering and Robotics
Technology and Gaming
Social Sciences and Spanish

Character Development
Animation, Drama and Theater
Dance, Movement and Music
English, Reading and Writing
Manipulatives and Media
Your Community and Your World

Extracurricular activities at iPlanets Academy are available. Some activities may take place at school or in the community. They are designed to develop cooperation and social responsibility extending our students’ academic, physical and technological education.
Enrichment activities:
Code First: Girls, NASA Robotics Club, Robots Kids Club, STEM|Agriculture 4-H, Taekwondo, MV Code Club, Spanish, MPact Girls Club, Tynker Coding for Kids , Code Club, Trail Life USA, Sign Language, K.I.D.S. Club, Soccer, LEGO Mindstorms, Tennis, Scratch to create Robots and Animations, Frontier Girls, Code Monster, Golf, Cooking, Engineering for Kids, Dash and Dot Robotics Club, Google CS First Club, Boeing Aviation Clubs, Kiwanis Kids, Project SYNcERE, Barclays Code Playground and so much more! We believe anything is possible for our students if they strive to achieve and believe.
iPlanets Academy welcome all students who are 4 year old to 10 years old or Pre-K to 5th Grade.
Thanks, GOD bless and look forward to you joining iPlanets Academy!

~*~Rooted in Love. Soaring Towards Excellence.~*~

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Delayed Speech Developmental Language Disorder
Diabetes (Nutrition, Blood Glucose Testing, Insulin Injections and care)
Down Syndrome
Administering Medication
Hearing Impaired
Hormone & Injections​ Assistance
Learning Disabilities
Recreational Music or Art Therapy