Big Isn't Better, It's Just Better; The Restoration of St. Francis

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Baumgartner Restoration

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Shared January 13, 2020

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Everybody loves a big painting, in fact one of my professors once said that "big isn't better, it's just better." And he meant that even if the painting is banal and about something uninteresting like shoe laces, if it's big it commands attention and must be reckoned with.

Luckily this big painting isn't boring or banal, but it is big. And as any painting gets larger the complexity of a conservation does as well. From the duration any one procedure takes, to the equipment required to treat the painting and even little things like handling become obstacles that must be overcome.

Thus far most of the videos address smaller works that never face these challenges. I wanted to take the opportunity to show how a conservation changes as the scale does.