A Frustrated Metro Exodus Dev Says Next Game Won't Be On PC if Players Boycott

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Shared February 3, 2019

Here's a more accurate translation from Zenorax1. Basic gist is in the google translated version, but this is a better representation of what was said.

"Having followed the discussion (probably referring to the controversy). Double opinion. On one hand leaving steam platform is uncertain, nobody had done that so suddenly before (as far as I know). That's something new thus it could have caused rejection. Besides such a step requires players to install Epic launcher which would only cause additional discomfort, thus bringing displeasure.

On one hand some players reaction ("only torrents" etc.) - isn't very adequate. Gives an impression that people didn't really want to play the game, just needed an opportunity to vent. In other words it looks like we (the developers) had went through years of hardship and losses trying to create something special but some players think that our labor isn't worth a few minutes of installing a new launcher. Naturally it's their life and their right but then what do they care about Metro? Clearly, they aren't interested. I can only say that they weren't really our players and that our labor isn't something they're interested and thus I am not interested in their opinion. What's the point for me personally (and not only me) to listen to them?

BUT! Let's take a deeper look at things. Someone say that, like, if you shit on Exodus and previous installments in the series they will make world a better place and will show greedy developers their place. To that I can say that, in the worst case scenario, if all PC players will boycott Metro then the next Metro, if it will ever come out, won't be released on PC. Whether or not they will benefit from it is for you to decide. Personally, I will feel sorry for dedicated fans, yes. But it won't change the grade of the work my friends and I had done. I know one thing - people who pour all this dirt online aren't capable of even a fraction of what we had done and, I hope, will do. In other words - they know not what they are talking about (have no idea what they're talking about).

One more thing. Despite having played every level of every game countless times during the development I'm still enjoying to play Metro. I've thoroughly played previous installments time and again and am about to give the last version we've got a full playthrough as it gets fine tuned and polished. It's like a tradition to me, I always replay games before they are released. Gives a perspective on all the work that was put into it. Where was I? In words of Prof (( Professor? Professional? Another dev probably)) that I had heard many times from him personally as online - you should make the game for yourself first, so that you would love it. And only now I'm beginning to fully understand that - no smartass will shake me in the value of the work that we had done. Someone will always be unhappy. ((equal to "haters gonna hate")) "

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