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Shared April 17, 2019

This video has dead memes in it.


The meme labeled "Sad Frog" (~2015) is better known as "Feels Bad Man"
The meme labeled "droog / apyr" is actually "друг" or "Apyr"
The accented As in "Stefán Karl Stefánsson / Robbie Rotten" (rest in peace) mistakenly did not appear.
Due to low viewership on Know Your Meme, the "Ice Bucket Challenge" (2014) did not appear, though it most likely should have.
Similarly due to low viewership on Know Your Meme, "Ylvis - What Does the Fox Say?" (2013) also did not appear, though it also most likely should have.
Should I make an updated version of this video in the future, I'll try to correct these mistakes.


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"Homestar Runner Intro" (2001)
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"Nyan Cat the Movie" (2011)
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"Ain't Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix)" (2012)
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"We Are Number One Remix but an instrumental" (2016)
by Lazytown and the Living Tombstone

"YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good"
by PewDiePie, Partyinbackyard, FlyingKitty, Grandayy, and Dolan Dark