On the Edge of Tragedy in Venezuela: Small Town, Big Picture

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Shared June 20, 2019

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THE RUNDOWN | The last of the four-part series on the devastating crisis in Venezuela, i24NEWS’ International Affairs correspondent Bianca Zanini found rampant drugs, an exploding crime rate, and a scrambling government in Brazil's town of Pacaraima.

As Venezuela continues to spiral towards collapse, i24NEWS' Bianca Zanini traveled to the Brazilian border to shine a spotlight on one of the biggest crises facing the Western Hemisphere.
Serving as the main entry point into Brazil for hundreds of Venezuelans fleeing poverty, hunger and violence, the small town of Pacaraima has found itself at the center of a humanitarian nightmare.
Venezuela’s economic collapse under current President Nicolas Maduro has led to a complete lack of resources, with millions going hungry.
Nine out of ten Venezuelans feel they don’t have enough resources to buy food, according to a 2017 study.
In the first of four chapters in an exclusive series, i24NEWS spoke to Pacaraima's new temporary residents, including Erasmus and his dad who for the past few months have lived in an abandoned bus.