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Shared March 29, 2018

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part of me is like who is this
the other half thats who I miss

always worry
always stress
feeling heavy in the chest

i know I talk about it way too much
but talking bout it man thats my crutch

these days
things I crave

it aint money
its better days

been flying seems
like way too long

anxiety been way too strong

it comes, goes
it hits hard

but damn Ive
made it this far

so why quit?
why stop?

take a breath
yeah why not

only thing that seems to work
had to put the blunt down made it worse

now im on a come down on the verse
im feeling run down in the dirt

when it comes to sundown thats a curse
sometimes I live my life reverse

in my thoughts
thats a place I feel so lost

Digging deep
Maybe I should get to sleep
I miss the peace

running out of time
saying whats on my mind

been a lonely kinda night
i know ima be fine

ima be fine
thats what I tell myself
when I get caught up
inside my mind

caught up inside my mind

caught up inside my feelings
of dread and terror
til I look in the mirror
see who I really am
like why the fuck I fear it?

do as you wish
take my soul

man this shit is
getting old

wash over me like a wave
of secrets that I never told

promises I never kept
sorry for the things I said

i was busy staying lost
inside the problems in my head

these problems that I got
are probably only in my head

i gotta crack the code I wrote
in these encryptions that I've said

big mess
big test
sometimes I feel helpless

nicotine inside my blood stream
that don't help stress

now i gotta go outisde
this shit is hectic

I wear my mess just
like a necklace

i drift to sleep
then resurrected

this hopelesness
is what im left with

check the checklist
feeling reckless
need a set list
im upset that I said this
wait, no regrets
I say that but I stay depressed

running out of time
saying whats on my mind

been in lonely kinda times
i know ima be fine