Digital Homicide Studios — Down the Rabbit Hole

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Fredrik Knudsen

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Shared August 8, 2016



The first in what I hope to be a miniature documentary series on internet rabbit holes. This first one is about Digital Homicide Studios, a delusional two-man game studio and the insane actions they take when they can't handle criticism.

100,000 thanks to Kevin MacLeod, from whose website I pulled all of my music at All tracks are licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 License. The songs, in order, are:

Spy Glass
Airport Lounge
Sidewalk Shade -- slower
Finding the Balance
Master Disorder

The video sample of the "absurd game" comes from Vinesauce, the game being Le Fantabulous Game, available for free.

The audio visualization of the "interview" comes from youtube user DieDevDie.

Scripting, voice work, and musical choir bit in the intro are all done by me.

I was not paid for any endorsements in this video