Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stuns CNN With Complete Lack Of Knowledge

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Shared January 7, 2019

Andrew Klavan explains how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortz can radiate confidence as she stuns CNN with her complete lack of knowledge.

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Scotty P

She has “I’ll burn your house down if you break up with me “ eyes

6 months ago | [YT] | 1,662

Randal Gibbons

She also said that ribbed condoms don't taste like ribs at all.

5 months ago | [YT] | 125

mike young

isn't she a bartender!? No offense to bartenders. I was one, but her lack of knowledge is offensive.

5 months ago | [YT] | 147

Jean Jones

AOC... Is literally a danger to America and Bernie is going to be much worse. And don't over look or forget, Elizabeth Warren completely agreed with her.
Socialism is Dictatorship

5 months ago | [YT] | 135

The Last Rebel Show

She’s like a female cop that just got their power. Her arrogance is astounding.

1 month ago | [YT] | 108

Viktor Vyle

She doesn't radiate confidence. She Radiates pure malicious ignorance.

6 months ago | [YT] | 531


Its called the Dunning Kruger effect. Somebody is so stupid they do not realize how stupid they are.

5 months ago | [YT] | 96


I am not stunned. I also cannot possibly find a bug eyed, big teeth woman attractive in any way. Are you kidding me???

2 weeks ago | [YT] | 75


MABA Make Alexandria a bartender again.
God bless America !
Trump 2020

1 month ago | [YT] | 17


She’s less intelligent than a bag of doorknobs.

4 months ago | [YT] | 41

Mister E Man

She's not "very" attractive. But she's no Rosie O'Donnell

6 months ago | [YT] | 689

zzzx xzzz

I'm beginning to think she received her degree by attending a bedroom not a classroom !

4 months ago | [YT] | 10

Al Fern

If you think AOC is very attractive, then you haven't seen enough in your life...

2 weeks ago | [YT] | 18

Amellia Mendel

She's a socialist, that's about as unattractive as you can get

3 months ago | [YT] | 16

Wesley Hite

we have finally found a celebrity who is dumber than Paris Hilton. Paris could give AOC lessons in economics.

2 weeks ago | [YT] | 30


My issue is that people keep making a news story out of the mentally disabled

6 months ago | [YT] | 453


CNN telling anyone that being factually correct is important is ironic to say the least.

2 weeks ago | [YT] | 22

John M.

Yes, she's "pretty" ...ignorant!

2 weeks ago | [YT] | 12

Frank Herrera

She's pretty and Michelle was gorgeous and Jeffery Dohmer was a stable young man.

3 months ago | [YT] | 69

Dave Dones

She kind of reminds me of the crazy killer from No Country For Old Men 😂

3 months ago | [YT] | 28