Bill de Blasio Wants Drivers Licenses For Illegal Aliens

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Shared June 15, 2019

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be among 20 Democrats debating in Miami later this month, and he’s sure attempting to shore up his “progressive” cred in the meantime: -- Mayor Bill de Blasio @NYCMayor: “Driver’s licenses for all will make the safest big city in America even safer.” -- That tweet’s getting ratio’d into absolute oblivion: -- Shaking my Head on a Daily Basis @ShakingDaily: “No. No. No. No. No.” -- AngryWhiteKid III @AngryWhiteKid3: “F it, bro. Why not do away with licensing requirements all together?” -- TMac (Tom M)❌ @TjMcJr215: “NYC Mayor and so called candidate for president wants to give illegals in NYC a driver's license! Says it will make NYC even safer! Hahaha” -- Joel Seidel @joelseidel35: “Profoundly bad take”

ClevSportsHell @drivefumble: “This can't be real? Has to be a @nbcsnl skit, right?” -- 🇺🇸Matthew🇭🇷Skocilich @MattSkosh: “How about deporting the illegal aliens?” -- Chip Ruppert @popparupp: “You are a blooming ID10T” -- Put most people down as a “hard pass” on that idea, Comrade Mayor. -- The🐰FOO @PolitiBunny: “And this idiot wants to be president.” -- Colorado RedTraci @goptraci: “Letting illegals in is the first step to creating a Democrat voter base… next is the ID to vote…” -- Persnickety @Dawnsfire: “I'm kinda surprised to be honest. With all the screaming about fossil fuels and 'climate disasters', I'd have expected him to try and cut the number of drivers, not add to them. I guess the illegal immigrant lobby is stronger than the green one 🤔” -- Maybe De Blasio’s looking to create more of a carbon tax windfall for the government? We’re not quite sure.

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