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Shared June 18, 2019

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DAILY DOSE | Donald Trump Jr returned for a second appearance at a closed-door Congressional session with Senators likely focused on his contacts with Russians as part of the Republican-led panel's two-year investigation of Russia's interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

The 41-year-old eldest son of President Donald Trump testified for four hours before members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Trump Jr, who helms the Trump Organization collection of businesses that his real estate billionaire father ran for decades, faced a barrage of reporters' questions as he strode into the committee room, including whether he was going to alter his testimony from two years ago.

"No," he answered immediately, adding: "Nothing to correct."

Trump Jr will undoubtedly face scrutiny for his role in arranging a Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 between his brother-and-law and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner and a Russian lawyer offering dirt on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and others.

"If it's what you say, I love it," Trump Jr had written in response to a 2016 email offering the Clinton information, according to a transcript released last year by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which was conducting a parallel investigation at the time.

Some Democrats suspect he may have lied about what he and his father knew about the now-infamous meeting, as well as other connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The Trump team initially tried to cover up the meeting when reports of it emerged in mid-2017, providing conflicting stories about the purpose of the gathering and what happened.

He is expected to face questions about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, a project that continued well into the 2016 presidential campaign despite Trump's team saying the deal had fallen through.

Trump Jr is a fierce defender of his father, and like the president is an adept Twitter user. Junior had tweeted out the full email chain of his communications setting up the Manhattan Trump Tower meeting, as a way to preempt an upcoming report about it.