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Shared February 2, 2019

Anthem by Bioware is almost here. In this video I have scrubbed through 8 hours of full game footage in order to find little nuggets of information, and interesting scenes to keep your beaks wet before the full release.

📧Business Email:

Talkin END GAME Difficulty & Content:
Microtransactions / Full Game vs Demo:
Which suit should you choose?:
All Javelin Abilities:
Map Size:
50 Things about Anthem:
How to Play Early & For Free:
Answering your questions:
Stronghold & Interceptor Gameplay:
Fire Storm Build + PC Specs:
How much Punishment can each Javelin take:
Snipers, freeplay, N7 armour:
Alliances, Weapons:
Storyline, End Game, Enemies:

Photo by: kevankevan
Music: DK Island Swing - Donkey Kong Country
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