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Shared February 24, 2018

Distant future: America has become an Anarcho-Capitalist society, where Megacorporations have replaced the states and are fighting literal wars for control. In the midst of all this, one man, TK-48, has an idea that could revolutionize McDonald Megacorp.

The Full Story #10 special episode.

My Facebook page:

I got the help of Hollywood actress Mindy Robinson for the voice acting, which is really crazy:

Theme song "When Money Comes Marching Home":

The theme song was written specifically for the video, as a parody of "When Johnny comes marching home".
Recorded by this guy :

Other musics used in the video:
Tybercore - Beginning of the End
Tybercore - Will and Power
Tybercore - Abraham's Reveletation
( I use this guy's music a lot, he's really talented, check him out )
Buddy Holly - True Love Ways
300 OST - Fever Dream
And a cover of Tenacious D - Beelzeboss