#FEARTHEBEARD on the Difference Between Good Decisions and Bad Decisions

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Rekieta Law

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Shared March 23, 2019

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KamehaCon has announced Vic Mignogna, which is great news for the fans and great news for the health of the community.

Not all Cons have made good decisions. Let's talk about some people making some really bad ones.

Grab some whiskey and join us!

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Thanks to Uncle Buck for the Rocking Intro Music!
Thanks to psy0rz for the frame perfect animation!

Mo Bo

Timestamps :)
0:24 welcome
0:42 welcome back Ty
1:00 showing off the booze
1:59 You're not lawyering correctly
2:07 Something has gone horribly wrong
2:12 talk about previous meeting and reasons for being miffed
2:39 The news that Vic has been invited to Kameha Con has put the smile on my face
2:42 Kameha Con decision discussion
4:18 leaping to judgment pro and cons
4:48 Ty takes the hat off
5:20 message to Kameha Con guys
5:30 Nick's stance on it
6:08 Kingdom come: deliverence (Czech game, not Polish, company Warhorse https://warhorsestudios.cz/index.php?page=games&lang=en) tangent
7:25 wider discussion about mobs and fake outrage
8:10 Nick corrects himself
8:25 Ty places Czechoslovakia in XIV century (I give up!)
8:24 The point remains
8:55 Ty on hypersensitivity and courage
10:24 Shakespeare quote
10:42 They're crude - SJWs language discussed
12:57 Ty's hair story
14:05 Ty's assessing men
14:41 Nick's further clarification
16:24 back to Vic news
17:56 Ty will be there with Amazons
19:35 Ty's message to other conventions
20:24 talking blackmail
20:48 I've got beef with you actually
21:20 It's pronounced I-gor
21:40 We don't retcon here
22:23 The original Warhammer 40K
23:17 When I was in pre-school....Nick's horror stories
25:06 back to Kameha Con announcement, but there are some ramblings
25:26 I'm still pretty miffed
25:38 Nick's technical difficulties announcement ruins Ty's perfect rant start
26:19 Ty's rant starts about Todd situation
27:44 Nick's interruption with clarification
28:26 back to Ty's rant
32:24 Will you act like grown-ups please? Ty's rant ends
32:42 Have you ever seen so many people so eager to break contracts and get sued?
32:48 crowdfunding of legal fees discussion
34:42 Ty second rant starts
38:05 Nick's interruption - chat stopped
39:56 back to Ty
40:10 Ty's promise to come back with all gory details
40:30 The businesses are enabling the deprivation of due process - Ty's rant back on
40:59 Nick back about chat down but streamlabs up
41:37 talking to the VA insider
42:06 chat back on
42:48 back to VA insider
46:28 psychosclerosis explained
48:08 You're gonna pay
48:16 Ty about screwing over
49:30 contracts discussion
52:11 anime as a business - Ty's view
53:01 So I'll name names
53:09 Thomas Allmendinger - real or fake name
53:36 In my opinion he's a douchebag
54:16 douchebag's convention link and SakuraCon internal politics
56:39 Ty's demeaning of anime big-wigs rant
58:33 Lord Acton's quote
58:38 big fish in tiny ponds
58:41 Napoleonic complex
59:18 You said last stream that you hang out in North Atlantic....
59:44 Nick is baffled
1:01:48 I'm not going to tell who Iago or Igor are - Ty dispelling fan theory
1:02:40 Nick asks if he can ask a question
1:02:50 beard and a mustache powered up
1:03:08 little bird...
1:03:51 Ty's reply
1:03:59 Let's say hypothetically....
1:05:09 Texas definition of vice principal
1:05:58 I would hate for hypothetical business partners to hear about hypothetical highly unlawful tortuous acts
1:06:14 Ty apologizes for ranting (???) rant about recording your own stupidity starts
1:13:17 Nick's close to "Black Mirror" case
1:16:14 Nick's sound advice
1:16:24 Ty's version
1:18:45 Zuckerberg's devices
1:19:28 We've lost a judge here...
1:19:40 back to VAs - they've never been held to account - until now
1:21:01 I actually do feel sorry for them. This won't stop me from destroying them if I have to,
1:21:30 I am a vindictive person
1:21:35 spot the difference between Ty and Nick
1:21:50 Amazons want to wear they skins
1:22:14 The fire came through my phone
1:22:35 Nick recommended reading
1:23:59 wrath of Amazons
1:24:28 back to people willing to jump in front of legal bullets
1:25:50 another con in trouble? discussion
1:28:12 I will not hesitate to make a public case - Ty rant
1:29:50 specific superchat from our boi Shane
1:30:00 His molecules have reassembled?
1:30:20 addressing Shane's superchat - valid PayPal address - real or fake?
1:33:40 superchats with questions to Ty and Nick
1:34:03 PayPal confirmed as valid by Nick's insider
1:34:33 superchats
1:35:31 Ty about curiosity and Kiwi Farms
1:36:10 superchats
1:38:14 comments re-enabled by YouTube - malice in a first place?
1:39:48 superchats
1:40:19 Nick's further reading recommendations
1:41:41 Ty's recommendation
1:42:30 Nick's cam reversing addressed
1:42:59 Is it still tortuous interference now that Kameha Con re-invited Vic?
1:44:55 Can you attend court proceeding?
1:47:04 superchats
1:47:41 Renfamous discussed
1:50:02 I sent my 3rd, 4th and perhaps even 5th tweet out today - Ty's tweeting rampage
1:50:48 superchats
1:51:08 Amanda Winn Lee - there are so many targets! discussion
1:51:56 Note to all idiots
1:52:19 since you brought it up.. Ty's rant
1:53:16 Let me paraphrase it
1:53:40 Ty rages on about tattle-tells
1:54:39 It's important - Nick's similar case
1:57:12 cowards and 5 yo
1:58:07 superchats
1:58:38 no, they haven't been served yet - Ty's explanation where in the process he is
1:59:16 So look for those in your mailboxes ladies and gentlemen
1:59:19 courtesy copy in an email like a golden ticket
1:59:36 petition online is not privileged
2:03:04 Max vs Taylor
2:04:10 I absolutely will publicize as many documents from this case as I can
2:04:34 superchats
2:05:04 What you're black belt in?
2:06:44 superchats
2:07:44 watch Cowboy Bebop superchat recommendation
2:07:55 Ty's question for the stream
2:09:17 superchats
2:09:49 Ty's best BBQ East Texas places
2:10:26 Ty's brisket recipe
2:11:56 I've known Vic now for 4 weeks...
2:12:34 superchats
2:13:18 TUG's superchat
2:13:27 superchats
2:14:19 cause of action and damages
2:15:58 how to solve business lawsuits
2:18:19 Kameha Con resolution is not = resolution with people behind kickVic campaign - Ty's take
2:19:12 Nick's translation - mini rant to Iago
2:20:32 I like your re-framing of that issue.
2:20:45 Ty's advice to conventions
2:21:35 Igor, I'm talking about you too
2:21:42 He's too dumb to notice what's going on
2:21:48 Ty sums up Igor's qualities
2:22:00 superchats
2:24:44 Toye's council competency
2:25:45 His biggest problem is his client is an idiot - Ty's assessment
2:26:22 superchats
2:26:26 superchat from Shane
2:26:35 Typhoon vs F15
2:26:58 YellowFlash's superchat
2:27:00 superchats
2:27:21 GoFundMe - raise the goal or not?
2:30:07 Nick will raise the goal to 200 000$ https://www.gofundme.com/f/vic-kicks-back
2:30:58 costs of the lawsuit and strategy
2:34:07 superchats
2:35:21 Ty is a Red Shirt!
2:36:28 superchats
2:36:45 pre-trial prep
2:39:35 superchats
2:40:20 Ty professing love for TUG
2:41:10 superchats
2:41:36 SJWs renaming
2:42:20 superchats
2:42:56 Why so dedicated to this Vic case? Nick's reply
2:43:31 Ty's reply
2:43:46 Nick with bullet points
2:44:36 Ty's take
2:46:10 superchats
2:46:30 blue orca reappears
2:47:06 Ty's personal request
2:47:58 superchats
2:48:22 public figure question
2:50:17 random law classes talk
2:51:40 superchats
2:52:40 What kind of lawyer are you?! Why are you working so hard?!
2:53:10 superchats lightning round
2:53:56 thoughts on engineer in a law school?
2:54:20 superchats
2:56:20 24h stream announcement
2:57:15 superchats
2:58:40 Shakespeare qoute correction superchat
2:58:56 Shane's superchat
2:59:06 superchats
3:00:46 Shane's superchat again
3:00:49 superchats
3:01:09 Ty's intentions behind the lawsuit
3:01:18 superchats
3:01:35 superchat with new official Nick's mug idea
3:01:50 superchats
3:03:27 Reflector - that Transformer's name
3:03:32 superchats
3:04:03 Congrats on 50K!
3:04:21 Ty's goodbyes
3:05:06 Nick's saying frankly
3:05:09 Ty agrees
3:05:34 Goodnight Ty
3:05:58 buckle up (Nick will go through all outstanding superchats)
3:06:00 superchats
3:06:52 300$ superchat from F - read out of queue
3:07:32 superchats
3:10:45 Amazon's flamethrowers
3:10:58 superchats
3:13:26 VAs and cons perspectives
3:13:42 superchats
3:14:44 Let me be very clear here...
3:15:13 superchats
3:15:36 Vic's case a precedent?
3:16:34 Nick (sees headsets in the chat), Nick - oh take off the headset!!! Oh thank God!
3:16:49 superchats
3:17:04 Nick's opinion on pre-paid legal services
3:17:39 superchats
3:19:40 MarzGurl
3:19:56 YellowFlash's superchat
3:20:19 superchats
3:20:50 Sony just tuned in lol
3:20:55 superchats
3:21:40 Josh Martin's stupid comments
3:22:20 superchats
3:25:10 TUG's superchat
3:25:20 superchats
3:28:19 Nick on VAs intellect
3:28:36 superchats
3:29:20 Nick's favorite guns
3:29:28 superchats
3:30:20 message from Anime Matsuri's Denise
3:30:50 superchats
3:33:51 Don't be profound in my superchats!
3:34:07 superchats
3:35:15 This is brisket blasphemy!
3:35:32 superchats
3:37:21 Listen! listen! Todd behavior mini rant
3:38:04 superchats
3:39:54 damages
3:40:32 superchats
3:41:15 Mr Rodgers changing shoes hypothesis
3:41:27 superchats
3:41:55 Nick mildly disagrees
3:42:56 superchats
3:45:44 as for prohibitive...
3:46:48 superchats
3:48:13 Nick is sorry to sound like a radio guy
3:48:16 superchats radio guy voice starts
3:48:35 I'll stop. I'm sorry - end of the radio voice
3:48:39 superchats
3:49:35 mandatory reporting laws
3:49:53 superchats
3:50:30 superchat from a socialist
3:50:59 you like the voice?
3:51:12 superchats
3:51:25 GoFundMe update in a superchat
3:51:38 superchats
3:52:35 Just do it!
3:52:40 superchats radio guy voice starts
3:54:22 Guys I'm gonna stop, it's too late - end of the radio voice
3:54:27 superchats
3:55:43 Can you say the line It's not for you, it's for the FANS ?
3:55:44 The Line
3:55:54 superchats
3:56:07 Maddox' case vs Vic's
3:56:55 superchats
3:57:18 radio voice back on for a superchat
3:57:29 superchats
3:58:42 Thank you for a stream
3:58:53 Stats for the stream
3:59:01 Thanks and closing thoughts
4:00:08 last superchat
4:00:35 Thank you, peace

5 months ago | [YT] | 184


Who else is #IStandWithVic

KamehaCon has announced Vic Mignogna, which is great news for the fans and great news for the health of the community. I like to think that everyone who supported Vic had a little part to achieve this. As Nicky said, "It's for the fans!" And the fans have spoken.

5 months ago | [YT] | 231

Echo Whiskey

"I really don't know how good... twitter will be against a Glock." - The Beard

Great quote.

5 months ago | [YT] | 130

Unknown Unknown

He protecc

He attacc

But more importantly...

The beard is bacc 😻

5 months ago | [YT] | 186

Lozzar Owari

Ty: makes fun of men worried about how their hair looks
Nick: notices his own slick hair


5 months ago | [YT] | 89

Amber Valkerie

God this needs to be put in an Ace Attorney game.

5 months ago | [YT] | 122


Iago and Igor, you better not shout, you better not cry. Bite down on that pillow, Beards going in dry

5 months ago | [YT] | 49

Dulali Paws

“If you’re being blackmailed... let me know. Because I can do something about that.” - Badass Ty Beard

5 months ago | [YT] | 42

Strung Up

I feel like Ty is becoming a regular. He's definitely become comfortable with the format

5 months ago | [YT] | 84

Lord Blackwind

Can we make this the Nick and Ty show?

5 months ago | [YT] | 123


If you think about it, it's insane how little you need to "invest" to create a problem that takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to solve. Imagine if people were just a little less stupid about how they went about it... Now that's a scary thought.

5 months ago | [YT] | 46


Has Vic got a restraining order in place for Monica and Chris....etc? My fear is Chris or Monica would end up trying to start something with Vic there but having either Ty there at the Con to prevent it or a restraining order would also keep the snakes in place too.


5 months ago | [YT] | 59


Who else is for #IStandWithVic ?

5 months ago | [YT] | 110

Nilly Nush

The Real Shield Hero Live Action series starring Vic continues to get juicy in the ongoing Vindication Arc! Based Beard has been the best new character in the show, and I love his personality. I'll continue to watch

5 months ago | [YT] | 76


Vic gets invited to Kamehacon, and Mueller report shows no collusion between Trump and Russia... SJWs and the left were dealt a massive blow today. Beautiful.

5 months ago | [YT] | 126

Lady Zelda

I'm super happy Vic is able to go to Kameha Con! No Voice Actor under any means should be discluded from an event until proven guilty in the court of law. What has been done to Vic is extremely unprofessional. Especially even more so to those other Voice Actors claiming to have received death threats and then go behind the scenes to have Vic removed from Cons using similar underhanded tactics. Disgusting! I hope at the end of this that Vic can recover knowing that while his supposed longtime "friends" are no longer with him - the fans - will be at his side - linking our arms together and welcoming him back to another Con with open arms! We're here for you Vic! KEEP STANDING TALL!

5 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 52


Another amazingly great live stream. Great representatives for our community. Thank you Nick and Ty!

5 months ago | [YT] | 62

Manrod dudeson

Wow no 30 second black screen?
Is the boomer learning?

5 months ago | [YT] | 42


tfw you realise 'Rial' is an anagram of 'Liar'

5 months ago | [YT] | 9

dragon king leonides1527

If you listen closely. You can hear the kick vic powers weaken

5 months ago | [YT] | 46