Die Lichtfalle - Einladung des Lichts ins Spiel der Polarität der Matrix

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Shared September 17, 2018

The Light Trap

After death, for most people the path leads into the light, which is a trap for those who want to leave the matrix. Of course, there are also many people who want to continue in the reincarnation cycle and who want to accept the offer of light.

The entrance to the light is marked by a gigantic luminous figure or pillar or light ball, which is very attractive to the deceased due to the strong and very broadcast-conscious charisma of goodness and "love". This light is understood as an invitation to once again enter the game of polarities, which most beings are not directly aware of. The attraction of light is so intense and beautiful that a recently deceased would like to accept the invitation. This light represents the absolute polarization of the good, so that it is believed to be God and equated with extreme experience of God.

Shiva & Jonathan aka the Matrixxer