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Shared September 6, 2011

regarding the "planes" at shanksville and the pentagon: the planes were boeing 757's. they were big, over half a football field long, about 125' wingtip to wingtip, and the tail was 44' tall. they held 200 passenger seats. here are the specs.

take a look at the pentagon.


take a look at shanksville.

there are no wings, no engines, no landing gear, no tail, no seats, no wiring, no luggage, no bodies. there are no planes there.

go to google images and look for yourself. if you search long enough, you will find a couple of scraps of aluminum. you may also find a few other pix of plane parts that were purportedly found at the pentagon...but the pentagon is absent from those pictures.

you see, there should be thousands of pictures and videos showing the planes. there are none.


regarding the twin towers: they exploded. they turned to dust. there are no pix of "110 collapsed floors". again there should be lots of pix and videos showing two piles. there are none. because they didn't collapse...they turned to dust in mid-air.

that's not smoke. that's not ash. that's the building and all it's contents, pulverized.


regarding wtc7: it was not mentioned in the 9/11 commission report. shyam sunder of nist ("our" government's national institute of standards and technology) reported that it fell "primarily due to fires". read the top line of this government release.

i'll be blunt: if you can look at the "collapse" of wtc7, and you still think it fell due to fire, you are an idiot.


i suspect it was these guys who wired the buildings.

google "urban moving systems".



have a cool day.


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