Dirtbag hecklers go too far - Steve Hofstetter

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Steve Hofstetter

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Shared January 28, 2017

Dirtbag hecklers go too far
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Steve Hofstetter gets mad when two hecklers seated in the front row talk through the sets of his openers. Then once they realize who they are dealing with they walk out on their tab. Earning them the title of the lowest of the low. Thankfully a hero steps up in the crowd and saves the day.

These ridiculous hecklers not only take a front table at the comedy show, they heckle throughout and then skip out on their tab when Steve calls them out. These loudmouths may have left the show, but that doesn't stop Steve from owning them. (Oh, and thanks to Brandon for covering the hecklers' bar tab)

Guest starring Danny Jolles (@DannyJolles) and some awesome guy named Brandon.

Featuring bonus bits in the car about why you shouldn't smoke meth and proper tipping etiquette.

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