Thomas de Maizière Sachsensumpf Vertuschung von Kinderschändung im Kanzleramt

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Kinderschänder regieren uns

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Shared December 18, 2014

Every day new news from Saxony:

Now the NPD has secretly been provided with inside information about the corruption scandal of the LKA. And in the field of constitutional protection more and more files disappear. Files with explosive reproaches:

It is about organized crime, child abuse, corruption, misuse of interests, and so on. There are even murders. Who actually bears the political responsibility for the corruption slack in Saxony? This question has been pursued by Steffen Mayer and Kay Walter and have found that the dirty broth spills up to Berlin, right into the Chancellor's Office.


This is a very serious problem which is still a taboo in our society, and the demons dance more and more violently than ever. Please do it on the subject but beware. Protect yourselves and your loved ones from evil forces and machinations, which want to counteract the enlightenment of the repugnant crimes and also do not shrink from murder. Join movements and reconnaissance campaigns.

Dear fellow human beings, friends, activists and victims,

This is an outcry a help call for all children of this world. Why do we allow our children to experience this nightmare? They are Our protections and our governments are scoffing at the fact that these worst crimes in the history of mankind are ever elucidated.

It is about a globally powerful tightly organized pedophile mafia ring. Child trafficking, prostitution and child pornography. Expulsion of so-called snuff videos where children are tortured to death, sexually abused and exploited. One must already strongly assume that the state is already very much preoccupied, because nothing is done and exactly this trade with children is still flourishing. The perpetrators are protected and the victims become perpetrators. No thanks! Pity the children - Please !!!

Attention, the content of this blog can trigger! Victims of sexual violence could be retraumatised. For children, the content is generally not suitable !!!