Top 10 Cringeworthy TV Moments! 😶

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Shared February 5, 2017

The 10 most embarrassing moments captured on LIVE television! Don't forget to watch until the very end to check out an extra compilation full of cringe worthy TV moments!
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Top 10 embarrassing moments on Live TV:
#10 Bobsleigh sportswoman Gillian Cooke rips pants on Live TV.
#9 Anchorman and newsreporter are having a fight during this live on air interview.
#8 During a Live broadcast between journalist en reporter concerning Cy-Hawk a woman is making funny moves in the background.
#7 Handshakes, kissing and hugging between Erdogan and Aliyev going out of hand.
#6 During an interview on the tenniscourt with a huge audience, professional tennisplayer Daria Gavrilova claims to be good from behind.
#5 Lithuanian politician Irena Degutiene speaks English (not so) fluent.
#4 Newsreporter Hallie Jackson from NBC news has a dripping nose on Live TV.
#3 Claudi Groot interviews the mayor about Sail Kampen, and goes terribly wrong.
#2 Paramedical team showing an embarrassing performance during a football match AE Larissa vs Ergotelis
#1 Shameful, but an hilarious interview about the popular Vibe-Me App featuring George, the shameless citizen.
Extra: Compilation of cringe worthy moments.

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