Green Anarchy: Renegades Who Changed Design

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GreenCE Education

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Shared June 16, 2015 The world is in grave danger. Climate destabilization, rampant industrialization, environmental destruction, pollution, and species extinction are problems significantly impacting our natural world. The environmental movement was launched to protect our natural world, reduce pollution, and to protect animal and plant diversity. This
documentary will focus on neglected pioneers in the environmental movement as well as a few well known figures. Through video interviews and historical vignettes we will explore the work of educators, practitioners, philosophers, and influential harbingers of
change. We will examine how anarchistic ideas, decentralization, and other belief systems have played a role in architecture, urban planning, and in overcoming environmental challenges.

Brandon Lancaster

blew my mind.

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frida hernandez

great video, learned a lot! Ⓐ

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Suzanne Weijers


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Polish Sausage

No. 1

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