PS1-PS5: Everything You Need To Know

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Shared January 3, 2020

The Sony Playstation is celebrating their 25 years of gaming, and with that, we wanted to bring you everything you'd ever need to know about their consoles, including all that you missed - from the Playstation one, all the way up to the new release of their PS5.
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Have you grown up playing a Playstation? Well, Sony has provided multiple generations of gamers the chance to enjoy all types of games over the years. From the original Playstation all the way to the PS5, check out some of the great features, games, and elements that Sony has found success with over the years. Oh yeah, they’ve also had some blunders along the way as well. We cover every single controller, how they have evolved, how they should have evolved, and all the great controller options that could have been. Also, what does the future hold for the controller on the PS5?

Time to take a DEEP dive into Sony, through their early connections with Nintendo and all the way up to the epic release of the PS5 in 2020. How has the console evolved over the years? What games were left in the dust. And what features does Sony regret doing? We cover it all here at TheGamer and showcase you a rich history of Sony gaming. Learn how the PS2 console rose to the top of the charts and will likely stay there FOREVER. See how the console wars shaped over time and how Sony managed to avoid the competition for so many years. We dive deep into the iconic games from Tomb Raider to Uncharted -- and of course, the whole Grand Theft Auto series. This is an in-depth look into the Playstation like never before!

So join us at The Gamer as we uncover the true history of the Playstation!

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