Joe Rogan Experience #637 - Remi Warren

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Shared April 22, 2015

Remi Warren is a hunter, adventurer, and videographer. His new show "Apex Predator" is on the Sportsman Channel and available at

Casey Lyons

Every time joe brings on a hunter it makes me want to get a bow and start hunting. keep doing your thang joe

4 years ago | [YT] | 34

wade derrett

Remi if you take me hunting and i break my leg you DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO EAT MY BACKSTRAPS!

2 years ago | [YT] | 17


YES! I love the hunting podcasts! Those reading who do as well. Steve Rinella started his own podcast, and already has a few episodes out.

4 years ago | [YT] | 28


I adore the way this guy talks about animals, and how knowledgeable he is. It's a really great example of how most hunters are more in tune with the science and stewardship of animals, than any chubby English comedians rage-tweeting.

4 years ago | [YT] | 14


Powerful flannel!

4 years ago | [YT] | 23

Dorian W.

Remi has some MAD mustache growing skills holy fack haha.
great pod cast!

4 years ago | [YT] | 9


Blue Herrings are amazing.  We were at a duck pond feeding ducks with bread and a blue herring flew right up to us.  I tried to give him bread and just let it bounce off of himself and stared at it.  He looked up at me a couple of times so I threw a couple of more and he did the same thing.  Just kept staring at the bread on the water.  Then BAM, he nails a fish that came up to eat the bread.  That crazy succer with it's eraser head size brain was using me to fish for him.

4 years ago | [YT] | 8

Dumb Jason

Remi is always super interesting on the podcast! :D

4 years ago | [YT] | 6

Wayland C

Squirrel tastes fine. Just another source of meat.

4 years ago | [YT] | 2


A lot of sence was spoken during this pod cast. Good stuff.

3 years ago | [YT] | 3



2 years ago | [YT] | 6

Mitch Lawless

Just thought, "I could really go for a JRE Pordcast right about now"; log in; episode uploaded 23 mins :)

4 years ago | [YT] | 10


Speaking of Ricky Gervais; get him on here with his hyena laugh.

4 years ago | [YT] | 3

T Binz

Excellent show! Excellent representation of hunting! Great job,love it!!!

3 years ago | [YT] | 2

Taylor Elise

I'm so glad I found his podcast. I watch them every morning as I get ready for work.. I particularly liked listening to hunting stories. This has certainly opened my eyes to hunting in a different light. I wonder what happend to the video editor guy that always use to do podcasts with him?

4 years ago | [YT] | 2


people eat horse in Canada!!!!  Oh yeah burder king LOL

4 years ago | [YT] | 1

Sun Chips

your podcasts are saving my life joe, thank you

4 years ago | [YT] | 1

Adam Craig Outdoors

very cool interview and i have much more respect for both of them.

4 years ago | [YT] | 3


Bison is by far the healthiest game meat there is.

4 years ago | [YT] | 1


I hope he makes a deal with netflix

4 years ago | [YT] | 2