Alyssa Milano Defends 'Super-Affectionate' Joe Biden, Confesses To Problematic Behavior Of Her Own

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Shared April 30, 2019

We already knew Alyssa Milano was a hypocrite, but she continues to find new ways to remind us. Here’s what the #MeToo crusader had to say about Joe Biden’s “tactile politics”: -- Tom Elliott @tomselliott: “.@Alyssa_Milano defends Biden: "He was raised in a family that was super affectionate." Adds she knows what it's like: "I walked onto set a few weeks ago and I kissed our prop guy on the arm. And I had this moment of, like, maybe that made him uncomfortable."” -- Before #MeToo, she never would’ve thought kissing a guy who wasn’t inviting her to do so might make him uncomfortable? Really? And after #MeToo, she did it anyway? -- JWF @JammieWF: “Wut?”

PartyofOne🇺🇸 @ADmomof3: “She is so weird.” -- Adam @AdamHardesty: “That’s not creepy.” -- GinaNation @BGBandita: “Yeah, maybe don't kiss coworkers in the workplace. That's…not something that should need to be said to an adult.” -- Stephen Miller @redsteeze: “She basically raped a dude.” -- Obviously that’s not what anyone’s seriously contending, but the basic point still stands: Why is some unwanted affection more equal than others? -- CommonSenseMan @CommonSenseMa16: “I know it’s sarcasm. But if any male prez candidate did that to a female crew member while filming an ad this cycle they’d be forced to withdraw immediately.”

And who cares whether Joe Biden was raised in a “super-affectionate” family? Does that excuse his well documented penchant for creeping on women who don’t welcome his hands on their bodies? -- SkolVikingsGuy @SkolVikingsGuy: “It's good to know that ”being affectionate" is a defense now.”

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